Reasons to Choose Number One Movers:

All Movers are Licensed & Insured
We keep Your Information safe & Secure
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The Best Moving Company for Residential Relocation

Moving to a new home can be difficult, but our affordable moving solution makes it simple to pack, load, and move! Relocate without the stress – look into online moving quotes today and get settled into your new life tomorrow!

As you are preparing to make your move, even with the best affordable moving, there are certain things that you will want to make sure of. The following list just about sums it up:

* You want it done in a timely manner
* You want your belongings to arrive safely
* You want ALL of your belongings to arrive
* You don’t want to worry about ANY of it

The four points above pretty much sum up what you’re going to be looking for in a moving company, and moving services often fall short of your expectations.

Affordable Moving Services

Moving on a tight budget? Our professional movers will customize your move to fit your budget and ALL our FREE Quotes are with no obligation.

Household Moving

We are not just moving your STUFF, we are relocating your home and all your prize posessions. This is why we treat each move with extra care to make your relocation hassel-free.

Long Distance Moves

Whether moving out of town or out of state, We are experts in local and long distance moves and will help you plan all the details to ensure you and your things are transported Timely, Safely, and Secure.


“This service is the absolute best! They moved my entire 4 bedroom house quickly without damaging or losing a single thing. I’ll definitely use this moving company again! ” - Laurie, Pembroke Pines, FL